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My wife is a public school teacher here in Memphis, TN. She needs YOUR help to get full funding for her project requests on Donors Choose. Sonic Drive-Ins will donate over half a million dollars to the top vote-getting projects on their website.

All it takes is for you to vote for her project on Limeades for Learning daily.

Voting starts Monday August 29 and ends Sunday September 4 at midnight CST.

Simply go HERE and vote for her project (there is an orange vote button near the bottom). Please do it once a day until Sunday, September 4th. You can vote once per day with an email address. So for every email address you have, you can vote once a day with each. 3 emails = 3 votes a day.

Limeades for Learning will send you an email to confirm your initial vote. If you don't confirm the initial vote, the project will not receive your votes. After the initial vote is verified, you can simply vote on the website without having to verify any subsequent votes made with that particular email address. Don't hesitate to email me if you have further questions.
My email is sellari@gmail.com

Sonic will donate up to $600 to each winning project. Her project cost $516 so it will be paid in full in a week!

Thanks so much in advance. I will post pictures of her students and all their new resources after they've received them (probably at the end of September). Here's her first and only funded project with pictures of the item and her students. We got it done this Summer thanks mostly to generous donations from family. That was before we learned about corporate sponsors such as Sonic on Donors Choose.

Here is where the link goes so you can vote for the project. The red text in the pictures below are notes I put in for further clarification:



Here is what pops up after you enter your first email to vote:


You don't have to add their email address to your contact list.

But in order for your votes to count, you must click on the VERIFY MY ACCOUNT link in the email they send you to confirm your first vote:


After your first day of voting with that email address, you will no longer have to verify by email. Once the email account is verified you can vote by simply going to her project page on Limeades for Learning and clicking on the orange vote button and entering your email (unless your email is still logged in from the previous day, then it records your vote without the added step of entering in your email address).

After you click on Verify My Account in the email, it takes you back to the Limeades for Learning website and says this:


You might not be done... If it says the "Number of times you've voted" is 0 then your vote hasn't registered (like in the picture directly above). No worries. Only one more step... You must go back to the project page and click the orange vote button again (tedious, I know). Then the following box pops up which allows you to click on Daily Vote:


After you click on DAILY VOTE, the final box pops up and thanks you for voting. We thank you for voting!


Vote again tomorrow!

That's it! The directions above are a rudimentary step-by-step explanation of how to vote daily for our project which is requesting Seat Storage Sacks and Math Problem Solving Kits.